Updated August 2019







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The Angels have been making great Aussie music and playing live since 1974. They have enjoyed massive chart topping success and live success through their energetic and sweaty live shows. They were the next in line to carry the flag for Rock n Roll when AC/DC left Australia in the mid 70’s to make it in the US and European markets.

In fact it was none other than Bon Scott, Malcolm and Angus Young from AC/DC who introduce the band to Albert Productions Recording Company. They managed to secured them a recording deal. The Angels have commented on how important AC/DC was in acoustrating their sound, they would occasionally see members of AC/DC in thier audience.

With a great recording contract and just about the best reference in the country, The Angels started it’s jouney to live and radio success with hits such as;

  1. Am I Ever Gonna See You Face Again
  2. Take A Long Line
  3. No Secrets
  4. Shadowboxer
  5. Marseilles
  6. and many more.

The Angels also embarked themselves on the Highway To Success in the US and Euoropean markets, Marseilles was the US Radio hit with bands such as Aerosmith, Cheap Trick and Guns n Roses being huge fans of The Angels, due to that straight no nonsense Hard Rock.

Recently The Angels have enjoyed a second coming, promoting the 30 years of “FACE TO FACE” to soldout shows all over the country.

It is this legendary status that makes it fitting to have a tribute to one of the Greatest Aussie Hard Rock bands ever. SHADOWBOXER LIVE is the band that will deliver the music, the show, and every last drop of sweat that it can get from it’s forever satisfied audience.

So “This is it folks”come and catch SHADOWBOXER LIVE!